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10 Fantastic Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

Relaxing in the comfort of your own private pool is the ultimate Florida luxury. There’s no better way to cool off on a hot day in the Sunshine State!

But chilling out in your swimsuit is just the beginning. Here are ten more benefits of owning a swimming pool you might not have considered.

1 – Swimming is Great Exercise

Few workout routines match the full-body benefits of swimming laps. Increase cardiovascular health while losing weight, building muscle and gaining flexibility.

2 – More Sun Means More Serotonin

Spending time in the sunshine causes your body to naturally produce more serotonin, the hormone that makes you feel happy. The sun is also an amazing source of Vitamin D.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, though. Too much happiness can turn you into a lobster!

3 – Treat & Prevent Injuries

Aqua therapy is the use of foam “weights” in the pool to stretch and rehabilitate injured body parts. Doing physical therapy underwater is ultra-low impact, causing ¼ the strain on your body as regular exercise.

Keep up your aqua therapy once you’re healed and you can even prevent future injuries by keeping your body in better condition.

4 – Stress Relief

Sliding into the pool after a long day offers the ultimate escape from the rigors of life.

5 – Save Money on Entertainment

Owning a pool costs money. Sure. But have you ever considered how much money you’ll save by having a year-round entertainment space right in the comfort of your own home?

6 – Host the Best Get Togethers

Who wants to go to a pool party? Everybody.

Your house will be everyone’s favorite destination for good times. Plus, sending the kids off to the pool is a surefire hit for giving the adults time to socialize in peace!

7 – Raise Strong Swimmers

Teach your kids to swim at home and you’ll never have to worry about their safety on the water.

8 – Sleep Better

Want to hit REM sleep faster than ever? Go for a swim right before you hit the hay.

9 – Adds Visual Appeal & Value to Your Home

A backyard swimming pool is the supreme water feature to beautify your home. Even when you’re in the kitchen or family room, there’s something relaxing about looking out through the sliders and watching the water ripple and sway.

10 – Enjoy More Quality Time

Couples that swim together, stay together! And owning a pool is a great bargaining chip for convincing children to turn off their smartphone and spend time with the family.

Ready to Live Grand with a Private Pool All Your Own?

Enjoying the luxury of a backyard swimming pool is just the beginning. At Grand Palm, resort-style amenities are simply part of your daily routine.

Tour the master plan in Venice, FL and ask to see the immaculate pool at our quick move-in Kiawah plan. Featuring an expansive great room and well-appointed gourmet kitchen, the core of this 4-bedroom home is ideal for family time or entertaining visitors. Escape to a luxurious master suite with spa-inspired soaking tub where you can daydream of epic get togethers under your gorgeous solarium-style lanai.



4 BR | 3 BA | 2,907 SF | 3 Garage | 1 Story

  • Packed with designer details! Wood floors, coffered ceilings, recessed lighting, decorative brick pavers and more.
  • Stunning swimming pool and generous covered lanai.
  • Walk-in closets in all 4 bedrooms.


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