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Where You
Live Matters


Our Company

With a commitment to responsible land development and home building for almost 50 years, Neal Communities has become Southwest Florida’s largest and most established locally-owned and operated private company. Our turnkey commitment to the entire process means we purchase the land we develop, build and sell the homes, secure warranties and handle personal walk-through orientations with each new homeowner. Neal Communities stand committed to the causes and important quality of life features that make our region one of the most desirable places to live in the country.

Family Owned

Neal Communities began as a family-owned and operated business. It continues as such today. The Neal family lives, works and is involved in the same region as our homebuyers. It’s just one of the ways we remain accountable to our shared community needs and future well-being.

Neal team members are united by one common goal: helping people improve their lives. This guiding vision is a legacy set by Pat Neal, our president and CEO, and stems from a shared culture of commitment and values woven through every customer relationship.

When you build your new home with Neal Communities, you become a part of our extended family of homebuilding experts. We promise to be with you every step of the way — it’s all part of the unique Neal experience. From building and designing your home and swimming pool, to obtaining your mortgage and title, you can count on us. At Neal Communities, we do much more than build houses; we create lifestyles and help people build the home of their dreams.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family!


Since 1970, we have helped to shape the Southwest Florida landscape with each new Neal Communities home. Each home is built in a masterfully planned neighborhood where home design is infused with the Neal family’s generations-long dedication to their home state of Florida.

Our love of community is at the foundation of our long-standing history in Manatee County. Living in Florida, we are your neighbors, friends and family, all of whom call Florida home. As such, we have shared in the history of this community, becoming Southwest Florida’s largest and best established, locally owned and operated, private custom home builder.

In this tradition, we work tirelessly to continue to make the Sarasota-Bradenton area one of the most desirable places to live in the country. We do this through our historic preservation and natural conservation endeavors, community outreach, and cultural and educational programs.


Our commitment is to excellence in quality and originality. These attributes not only make up the foundation of our award-winning custom homes, but they also reflect our deep regard to the state of Florida, our dedication to historic preservation and our love of community that inspires our efforts.


Legacy & Vision

Our team of Neal home builders has garnered a 99 percent homeowner satisfaction rating through a combination of our personalized service and our quality of home construction. Exclusive elements such as our high-energy efficiency standards and award-winning industry innovation set us up for success. Your personal touch is what ultimately makes your home a unique, memorable space that can sustain you well into the future.


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Home Buying Experience

At Neal Communities, we know it’s not just about building a tapestry of homes. It’s about how those homes weave together to form a true community. After all, when you feel confident in your investment and connected to the people around you, your life improves in more ways than a balance sheet could ever show. Where you live matters, and we are grateful for the chance to tell you what makes Neal Communities so special.

Home Buying Stories

We strive to make your home buying process easy and enjoyable. That’s why we offer everything you need within our family of companies, so you are taken care of from start to finish. Neal has you covered, from financing to insurance to interior design to pool creation.

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For almost 50 years, we’ve been building Neal Communities throughout Southwest Florida. Doing this takes more than tools and blueprints. It takes commitment. And it takes the utmost dedication to our buyers. For us, customer satisfaction is what matters most.

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